Monday, March 10, 2014

The Fifth Witness - Michael Connelly

This is my first book by Michael Connelly. The main character was a L.A. lawyer specialized in foreclosure defense, named Mickey Haller. His co-workers consisted of a driver, a secretary, an assistant, and an investigator. One of his clients, Lisa Trammel, was accused of killing a mortgage banker - the one who was responsible for the loss of her house. As we could guess, our hero Mickey Haller tried to free her from the murder charge and found the real killer.

OK, as I have mentioned, this is my first book and it was not bad but it also didn't impress me. There were lots of trial scenes. I love watching Law & Order but this book happened to bore me and I couldn't wait to finish it. The title itself, 'The Fifth Witness', promised a mysterious witness; but it was not. It was only witness number 5 from the defense team. There was a twist in the end but not that surprising.

I also don't like books by John Grisham, who is a ex-lawyer so his books are full of things from the court. I only have read 3 of Grisham's books from his early years.

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