Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunshine & Die Hard 4.0

This newest Danny Boyle film was not what I had expected and I like better down-to-earth themes like Shallow Grave or Trainspotting. I guess the director wanted to move forward after working on a movie like 28 Days Later.
Sunshine is of futuristic genre, that the sun, the earth's energy source, is dying; so 8 scientists, in a mission called Icarus II, are sent to drop a bomb to reignite the dying part of the sun. Seven years previously, Icarus I was failed.
The special effects and soundtracks are great. The story is very depressing, and throughout the movie as they were approaching the sun, my room was getting hotter and hotter. It's like watching a couple of people trapped in a spaceship, which reminded me at once of Natali Vicenzo's Cube.

Another movie I saw this week-end was Die Hard 4.0 which was great. It was fast paced with lots of car crashes and explotions. This is the first work of Len Wiseman I've ever seen and it's very impressing. I think most of young directors nowadays make their movies fast paced, like in video games.
Die Hard 4.0 is about computer hackers who sabotage the systems in the U.S., anything using computers: transportation, stock market, etc. The brain behind the plan then commanded that all traces must be erased, but John McClane (Bruce Willis) saved one of them, a computer nerd named Mat Farrell (Justin Long); and together they will save the U.S. of A. I didn't see what happened to Trey in the end, I must watch this again.

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