Thursday, September 27, 2007

Touching Evil (TV)

Cast : (L-R) Shaun Dingwall, Michael Feast, Nicola Walker, Adam Kotz, Robson Green

I like very much Wire in The Blood series and was browsing through Robson Green's other works at internet and saw a review which said Touching Evil was better. About 10 days ago the DVD finally arrived and last night I finished the last episode. There were 8 episodes in all.

Series 1 was particularly good. Green played D.I. Dave Creegan who worked for the OSC (Organised & Serial Crime) . He was just recovered after being shot in the head. His disorder personality helped a lot in tracking serial murderers who were as unstable as he was. What I really liked about series 1, was that the cause of Professor Hinks's death in episode 1, revealed in episode 3, which made a continuity.

Series 2 was also very good. Again, I liked the continuity here, from Emily's death in episode 1, Creegan's guilty feeling, his relationship with D.C. Mark Rivers, Rivers' guilt, until the revenge from Emily's father in the last episode.

In my opinion, the crimes in series 3 were over the top, although they were still enjoyable to watch. Series 3 is very similar to Wire In The Blood. I hoped the last series was also of 3 episodes and not only 2. I began to like the characters and was sorry to see Rivers go (and in that way).

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