Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lagardère (2003)

This movie is very entertaining. Divided into 2 parts, this is an enjoyable swashbuckling story about loyalty, friendship, revenge, and hope. Philippe de Gonzague wants to marry the beautiful Inès, daughter of Caylus. Unfortunately, Inès has secretly been married to the Duke de Nevers, Gonzague's cousin, and they have a baby. Gonzague murders Nevers after trapping him in an ambush. Henri de Lagardère, although arrives in time to help him, fails to prevent the cowardly murder which is done by attacking the Duke from the back. Lagardère saves the baby and raises her like his own in exile. In the span of 17 years Lagardère travels all around the country to revenge Nevers and kills the men who trapped him one by one, but the real murderer, whose left hand is marked by Lagardère's dagger, is still mysterious. Meanwhile Gonzague tells everyone that it is old Caylus who sent Lagardère to murder Nevers.

Bruno Wolkowitch is great as Lagardère and I also like Florence Pernel as Inès, who looks more beautiful in close-up. Based on Paul Féval novel entitled 'Le Bossu' (The Hunchback) because Lagardère disguises himself as one to enter Gonzague's residence. He gets the idea after meeting again an ex-farmer who once received his help. When Lagardère still services the Duke of Nevers, a farmer asks the Duke for more time to pay his tax. Lagardère persuades the Duke to return the farmer's cattle. After the death of Nevers, Gonzague takes the Duke's land and his people beats the poor farmer when he cannot pay his tax. They breaks so many bones in his body that he becomes a hunchback. I hear there are lots of changes, from the book to this version. I haven't read the book, but find this movie very enjoyable.

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