Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quantum of Solace (2008)

I think to be able to fully enjoy this movie, one has to have watched Casino Royale first. Quantum of Solace is the sequel of the prior Bond movie. Until this time, each movie stands on its own. True, villains like Blofeld and Jaws appear in several Bond movies, but usually one can watch any of the movie without having to watch the previous. This time, if one hasn't watched Casino Royale, it will be rather hard to fully understand why Bond is so angry, who Vesper is, what the personal revenge M is talking about, and why the movie has been given this title. The gun barrel sequence only appears in the end (unless I have missed it when it appears in the beginning!).

The movie is so fast, especially on action scenes, that it was hard to see what was going on. Daniel Craig's Bond is a cold blooded killer, or it is the pace of the movie which makes him that way. I feel the movie is so full of actions that there is not much space left for the drama (Made me enjoy every time Judi Dench appeared on screen). The scene in the burning hotel is unbelievable, how can they survive? The fire is everywhere - not to mention the smoke. Also unbelievable is how Greene can hide a river from the people. So the villagers never go that way? There must have at least been a rumor. Plus, the geologists can't work there alone, there are usually a few locals to guide them. It's ironic, though. Greene makes the land dry and he dies of thirst. I wonder who has killed him. I don't remember if he carries a gun when he is left in the desert.
I was disappointed on how they murdered Fields. It was perhaps a nod to Goldfinger, but I was hoping for something more original.

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