Saturday, March 14, 2009

Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens

I think once I read that this book was in the list of the most beautiful books in the world. I wanted this because of the illustrations by Arthur Rackham, and I do like them, although sometimes I think his depiction of bad fairies is scary, like a bad dream from Rip Van Winkle.

This J.M. Barrie lovely book was originally published in 1907, but I never heard anything about Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, which meant his life before he met Wendy - for I only learnt about Peter Pan in the Disney movie.

The book begins with a description about the Kensington Gardens, which I find useful, because I've never been there. Then it tells about baby Peter Pan, how he flies away from his dear mother and lives with the birds. The birds make him a boat which he uses to sail to Kensington Gardens where he befriends the fairies and a brave little girl called Maimie.

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