Monday, March 30, 2009

The Secret Cardinal

Before Pope Leo XIV died, he tells Nolan Kilkenny, an ex NAVY SEAL, and Cardinal Donoher - Cardinal Librarian in the Holy Roman Church, that he has made Yin Daoming a cardinal "in pectore". Yin is now in Chifeng jail in China because the government thinks he is too dangerous. Yin refuses to cut off his relationship with Vatican, and for the Chinese government this is high treason. Donoher as the Camerlengo has the power until the new pope is elected, and as late Pope Leo XIV wished, he sends Kilkenny and his team to China to free Yin. They must act fast before the new pope is elected, just in case he doesn't agree with them. Meanwhile, in the conclave, the other cardinals starts to give their votes for Yin and one of them warns the Chinese government about the secret mission to free Yin.

This book is an interesting read and hard to put down. I finished this in 1 day. The plot is fast paced like a Hollywood movie. One thing which disturbs me, is that Yin seems okay with abortion. Kilkenny tells Yin that he has lost his wife and their unborn child because she had cancer. The doctor gave them 2 choice, and Kilkenny and his wife chose the baby. Yin says 'That is your decision, not God's.' I don't agree with Yin. I have heard several testimonies in the church where God have saved both mother and baby, even though the doctor had said that it was impossible, that the baby would be born deformed etc.

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