Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Le bossu (1959)

This is the 3rd version of Le bossu/Henri Lagardère movie I have seen. Although there are some differences in the story here and there, and as I haven't read the book I don't know which one is more faithful, I must say that I enjoyed all 3. My favourite is still the 2003 TV version with Bruno Wolkowitch, because I love how he tries to find the murderer of Philippe de Nevers by travelling all over Europe to find the man whose hand he has marked.

In this version with Jean Marais as Lagardère, the sword-fight scenes are much exciting. Philippe de Gonzague wants his cousin (Philippe de Nevers)'s money and wife, so he arranges to murder him. Lagardère saves Nevers's daughter and raises her, but Gonzague spreads the words that Lagardère is the murderer of Nevers and his daughter.

Bourvil plays Passepoil, who was first hired by Peyrolles to murder Nevers - although it seems like a joke considering Passepoil's skill, but later becomes Lagardère's faithful servant. Bourvil gave this movie a tender touch. He gives Aurore more fatherly advice than Lagardère. Both Aurore de Nevers and Isabelle de Caylus are played by Sabine Sesselmann, so actually without the birth certificate everyone can easily see that they are mother and daughter.

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