Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Les amoureux sont seuls au monde (1948)

After watching several movies with Louis Jouvet, he has become one of actors who I look forward to. I try not to miss his movies whenever they are on TV. In this movie, he plays composer Gérard Favier.

The movie begins with how he and his wife Sylvia (Renée Devillers) remember how they first met. With Henri Jeanson wrote the dialogues, I had expected some hilarious lines. All dialogues between Mr and Mrs Favier show how they love each other very much and they are comfortable with each other --> therefore I dislike the sad ending. Their relationship reminds me of something beautiful, which I won't write here.

One day, while walking around, The Faviers overhear Monelle (Dany Robin) plays Favier songs on a piano. Impressed, Favier decides to teach the young girl. A tabloid journalist prints a story about them, which makes Monelle realize that she loves Favier. The poor Sylvia is in doubt and when Monelle tells her that the Sylvia Waltz, the song which Favier promised Sylvia 19 years ago, which has finally been composed, was inspired by something Monelle said; Sylvia decides that it's all over, just when Favier plans a second honeymoon with his dear wife.

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