Friday, August 7, 2009

Ne réveillez pas un flic qui dort (1988)

These 3 days I watched 3 collaborations between Alain Delon and José Pinheiro. Ne réveillez pas un flic qui dort is not so bad, in my opinion. People say this is worse than Parole de flic, but between the 2, I prefer Ne réveillez pas un flic qui dort. There is too much sweat in Parole de flic, men perhaps like it, but not me. I like watching neat actors.

I read that in the beginning of the shooting, Delon suffered a leg injury while trying to kick a door. As the producer, he told José Pinheiro not to slow down, so they had to make some changes in the scenario. As we can see, there is not much action scenes here by Delon, like in Parole de flic. The camera mostly only shot his upper body. Thanks to the scene where his character is shot in the leg, after that he can walk lamely in front of the camera.

The story is similar to Parole de flic. A group of police, led by Inspector Scatti (Michel Serrault), tired of seeing criminals walk free, under the banner of ‘Fidelity of the police’, execute the notorious gangsters in brutal ways. Inspector Grindel (Delon), with the help of officers Pèret (Patrick Catalifo) and Lutz (Xavier Deluc), is given the task to investigate the murders. Grindel will find that ‘Fidelity of the police’ is far more serious than he thought. To me, the plot is more interesting than Parole de flic, where we only have Pratt revenges the death of his daughter by killing the members of the group one by one. While in Parole de flic he lets the leader go free, in Ne réveillez pas un flic qui dort, he kills Scatti because Scatti kills Pèret. The relationship between Grindel and Pèret makes Delon’s character is not as lonely as usual.

Serge Reggiani made a brief appearance as one of Grindel’s informants. This is the 6th and last time Delon used the word 'flic' for movie title, if we include Il était une fois un flic (1971), where he only made a cameo.

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