Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Diva (1981)

This movie has interesting characters: 1) Cynthia Hawkins, a soprano who refuses to be recorded 2) Jules, a postman, who adores Cynthia Hawkins and lives in some kind of garage 3) Alba, a Vietnamese art student who sometimes sits on the refrigerator 4) Gorodish, Alba's roommate, which always grabs any good opportunity 5) a policeman who loves jogging 6) Jean Saporta, the head of Criminal Division, who has a dark side. 

Jules secretly records Cynthia Hawkins's La Wally in her last concert and shares it with Alba, whom he just met in a music store. Alba shows the record to Gorodish, who knows immediately that it is priceless. Jules also steals the soprano's gown. When two thugs look for him, Jules wonders if it has anything to do with the record and the gown. He returns the gown to Cynthia Hawkins and apologizes and they start a romance. In fact, Jules are in danger because he is undeliberately carrying a cassette containing a testimony from an inspector police's mistress, who recently was killed on a street, about his involvement in a drug and prostitution ring. The inspector wants the cassette back and kill all witnesses.

The plots are very good, with a sense of humour here and there [My favourite is the Veteran's Card and the Beethoven bust.]. There is also a great chase scene between a moped scooter and a jogger - it doesn't really make sense, especially if you only read this but haven't watched the movie, but at least it's entertaining. Jules is the main character, but it's Gorodish who becomes the hero and saves our main character. It's one of the things I like from French movies: the main character is often weak and doesn't know what is going on until the last minute.

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