Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lola rennt (1998)

Run Lola Run is one of the most energetic & creative movies I have seen. Lola's boyfriend, Manni, works for the mob as a courier. One that particular day, Manni has lost a bag of money which should be delivered to his unforgivable boss before 12:00. Manni calls Lola, half blaming her, for if she had picked him up on time as promised, this thing would never have happened. Lola promises Manni to bring 100,000 marks before noon, so she has only 20 minutes to do so.

It seemed to me that Tom Tykwer, as the director and writer, had 3 different ideas on developing the story and when he couldn't decide which one was the best, used them all instead. Twenty minutes to save her boyfriend's life is a short time. She runs and runs because she has no vehicle. The 3 story show us how different decisions taken quickly can give different results. The music used underlines Lola's panic situation. I also love the use of animation and the stories about supporting characters.

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