Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sharpe's Tiger

Many people said that the Sharpe series was one of the best historical fiction ever written, so I thought to give it a try. I picked up the first of the series: Sharpe's Tiger. I read this in several weeks, very slowly. For those who enjoy details about wars, this book is not to be missed. However, for me, it was difficult to read those details. I struggled to finish chapter 1, which tells about the war between the British soldiers and the Indians. In the next chapters, after I could pick up the plot, the reading became enjoyable.

I must say that I haven't seen the movie version, where Sean Bean plays Richard Sharpe, the main character. Richard Sharpe is described as an excellent soldier, hated by his superior Sergeant Hakeswill. We will follow Sharpe's heroic journey, where he is saved from being flogged, sent as a spy to infiltrate the enemy, and how he saves the day. Bernard Cornwell did an excellent job in research and I found the details about how the Tippoo Sultan, the tyrant of Mysore, acts towards his enemies - interesting.

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Endril said...

Sharpe's Tiger is a pretty good book, but I won't recommend it as the 1st Cornwell book to read. It is probably the first book Cornwell wrote and it is not so entertaining. I can recommend Azincourt or the Grail trilogy as much better novels.