Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Corsican Brothers

The Corsican Brothers seems like a true story as the writer, Alexandre Dumas, unusually placed himself as the first person. Set in 1841, 36 1/2 years old Dumas traveled through Corsica - which is famous as the land of vendetta. In the town of Sullacaro, he stayed in the house of de Franchi, which belongs to a widow with her two twin sons: Lucien and Louis, both 21 years old. Born attached at the chest, the bond between them is so strong that each can suffer if the other suffers, even though they are miles away. 

Lucien is the hunter, the one who is very competent in using weapons, and he lives in peace with his mother in Sullacaro. Louis is the book-worm and is studying in Paris to become a lawyer. It's the weaker brother who never touches a weapon who is in troubles because of his love for a woman, which will lead him to a fatal duel. 

The supranatural ability in the family of de Franchi interested the writer immensely, and one thing we can learn: even though the living can lie, the dead cannot. 

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