Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Les héritières (2008)

Les héritières is shown on TV as a 2-part miniseries and I must say I enjoyed the intrigues very much. Set in 1945, Ottavio Della Rocca (Jacques Weber) is a powerful landlord and mayor in Corsica. He is a widower with 3 beautiful daughters: Vanina, Antonia, and Flavia. Antonia has married a local playboy and has 3 daughters, while Flavia is married and childless. Ottavio loves Vanina much better than the other 2, which will trigger jealousy and anger in the heart of Antonia and Flavia.

Ottavio has promised Vanina to Barthélémy, the son of Caponi, a Communist and his former tenant; but Vanina, helped by Barthélémy himself, runs to Marseille to marry her lover, a jazz musician. Ottavio is angry and disinherits Vanina. He divides the land between Antonia and Flavia, who will sell the land to revenge against their father and persuade the townspeople to elect Caponi as the new mayor; because all this time their father has treated them like dirt. Antonia's husband also kills Vanina's lover. Plus, there is a stranger, named Masimo, who returns from Indochina to revenge against Della Rocca family and Caponi.

Ottavio wants a grandson, who someday will inherit the whole land. When the grandson is finally born, there is no more land. "As you sow, so shall you reap." We must be careful of what we do, because in the future no one can escape karma. I think if Ottavio loved his 3 daughters equally, none of this would have had happened. [But of course we would have missed an enjoyable soap-opera.]

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