Friday, November 26, 2010

J'aurais voulu être un danseur (2007)

François Maréchal lost his wife and son and he blames whom? Gene Kelly!

It begins when François watches the famous scene in Singin' in the Rain, where Gene Kelly dancing in the rain; and suddenly he wants to be a tap dancer. He tells his wife he is looking for a job, but actually he takes a dancing lesson. What he didn't know is that his father Guy left his mother and him in 1973 for the same reason: He was crazy about dancing after watching Gene Kelly in Singin' in the Rain, and chose to leave his family. His grandfather Maurice, who had also been inspired by Gene Kelly, committed suicide after his grandmother refused to believe that he could dance. François starts to believe that there is a curse on the family and he warns his son Antoine.

François dances together with his father Guy

There is an interesting scene where François visits the making of Singin' in The Rain. They have finished the famous scene: Gene Kelly stops singing and dancing after the policeman approaches him. The crews appear on the scene. François tries to come nearer to Gene Kelly, but the policeman stops him. The policeman tells him that he cannot blame Gene Kelly for what has happened. It is his own fault because he tells lies to his wife.

The ending scene is very enjoyable. It shows the four generations of Maréchal men dancing together. Jean-Pierre Cassel plays the old Guy.

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