Thursday, December 2, 2010

En cas de malheur (2010)

One day, Maître Viviane Guérand (Line Renaud), a successful lawyer, is visited by 20 year-old Lucie (Mélanie Bernier) in her office. Lucie needs a lawyer because she thinks she has killed someone. "In case of trouble," Lucie tells her. The night before, Lucie and her friend Noémie tried to steal from a jeweler, but they were scared and went off without taking anything after the jeweler bumped her head on a bar and collapsed with blood on her head. Lucie finds out soon that the jeweler does not die, so she tells Viviane that she doesn't need her anymore. However, Viviane has determined to take Lucie's case and to take care of her. Viviane's late daughter was of the same age as Lucie when she died 20 years ago. Viviane decides to give Lucie what she didn't give her late daughter: her presence. 

Mélanie Bernier is very pretty and she made it easier to understand why Viviane loves her so. Lucie is a DJ - and her boss, the café owner, in fact uses her in drug trafficking. Lucie is basically a good girl and Viviane tries to make a new life for her. First she installs Lucie in her own studio and then she keeps her away from Noémie and the café owner . Viviane's attempt is not without barrier. Her husband doesn't agree because Lucie is different from the people they are used to mingle with. And from Lucie's side: it's definitely not easy for her to detach herself from her old surrounding. A tragic thing happens when she and Viviane are about to start for Italy, to begin a new life.

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