Friday, December 24, 2010

Doctor Who Complete Specials

Doctor Who is not popular here because it is not shown on TV. I was lucky to be able to watch the first season of the new series, with Christopher Eccleston plays The Doctor. The main character is an alien, a species called 'Time Lord' and he travels around through time and space in his Tardis, a spaceship which looks like the British Phone Box in blue colour. His weapon is a sonic screwdriver. When I first saw it, it was rather hilarious and Chris Eccleston looked wild and mad; but I loved the show. I think the phone booth and screwdriver was used in the first place because the show was produced by BBC Wales. I imagined the writer asked the producer for a spaceship and was told that, "No, we don't have a budget for that, but you can use that used phone booth over there."

I bought this Complete Specials because I wanted to see Timothy Dalton playing the Lord President. There are 5 stories in this box-set.

The Next Doctor was great. It reminded me of great time I had had when I watched the episodes with Eccleston. I think David Tennant is a great Doctor and I like him and I'm considering to buy another box-set with him as The Doctor. I enjoyed watching the Confidential in all 5 discs. This subject of an alien who travels into space and time can make the writers very creative. I mean, how else can you make a giant robot pop out in Charles Dickens' time and make the audience love it?

Planet of The Dead is also very good, and they manage to include another famous thing from England, which is a red double-decker. I think all episodes in this box-set are very good, but The End of Time is dark and depressing. I had fun watching the other 3.

The Waters of Mars is my least favourite. In 3/4 of the show The Doctor keeps saying "I have to go." and I went '-oh, so in this episode you cannot do anything for them? What the use of writing an episode like this, then?' In the end he did do something for them, but it turned out to be a mistake.

The End of Time goes in 2 parts. The end of part 1 is so thrilling, with people all over the Earth turned into The Master (The Doctor's enemy). Couldn't wait to watch part 2 because I had no idea how The Doctor could help the humans.

I think the series has progressed so much since 2005 and it seems that they had more budget. Specials effects, costumes, make-ups, lights; all are much better. I don't know if it's because it's the Specials. I will see when I get another box-set.

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