Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Robin Hood (2010)

Unlike other Robin Hood movies I had seen (Disney's version and the version with Kevin Costner), this one tells the story before Robin Hood becomes an outlaw under King John's reign. Robin Longstride (Russell Crowe) fights with King Richard the Lionheart in the Crusade. He is detained after telling the king that the Crusade was useless and left the army with a couple of friends after the king was killed. [Yes, the king is dead. I wonder how he could return to England with that wound in the neck.]

In his way to the shore, Robin and his friends save king Richard's crown, which is on its way to England to his successor, from an ambush. The crown bearer, Sir Robert Loxley is dead, but he had made Robin Longstride promises to return his sword to his old father in Nottingham. The old Loxley makes Robin Longstride poses as his son so that his daughter-in-law Marion can keep the land. Meanwhile, the people suffer because of the taxation. The bishop is as greed as King John, who replaces the late King Richard. Sir Godfrey also provokes the lords in the north to rebel against King John, while Godfrey himself has a pack with King Philip of France, so that France can smoothly attack England in the civil war.

Our hero Robin Longstride will save King John's crown and save England - so he is actually a national hero; and yet he is rewarded by being declared as an outlaw. In the stories, he is usually saved by King Richard, but in this version, as King Richard is written to have been dead, can he save himself?

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Watch robin hood 2010 full movie free on zmovies now. Bottom line is, that this movie was a waste of time. Maybe not AS big a waste as Avatar, but a waste nonetheless. I couldn't hear what the characters were saying, there were too many long talking scenes, the battles were confusing as to who was fighting who and why. The best moments in the movie where 1. when you can see the arrow leaving Robin Hood's bow in extreme slow motion, and 2. when the King screams in the weirdest way possible, "I declare him to be an OUTLAAAAAW!!" (It still cracks me up). Other than that, this movie is not worth seeing. It just doesn't work. Click losmovies watch movies free now.

Russell Crowe seems to fat, too old, and too uninteresting to present a romantic or convincing Robin Hook to the screen. He tries to pull it off like an athletic shot-putter in what should be a ballet. Robin Hood should not be played like a gladiator. Gee, Sly Stallone could do same ( just as bad a job) as Crowe did for 10% of Russell's pay!The producers should have signed someone 20 years younger. .

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I'm surprised by the performance of Academy Award Winners Ridly Scott, Cate Blanchett, and Russell Crowe. This movie is a disgrace to them. I have 3 reasons why this movie is bad. 1. Very boring 2. Has stuff that the watcher doesn't need to know about 3. A Disgrace. I got so flicked off at the end of the movie i just wanted to go up on the screen and tear it down. This movie felt like it was 5 hours long!!! I wasn't the only one asleep. I heard someone snoring in the front seat of me. It about a person who fights and becomes a hero and later his name turns in to Robin Hood. Come on actors/actresses try again! I'll give this a 2/10

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