Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pouic-Pouic (1963)

Starring Louis de Funès, this comedy is quite entertaining. Louis de Funès played Léo, a richman who makes his fortune in stock exchange. For his birthday, his wife buys him a land in South America. The land is said to contain oil. However, the man who sells it is a swindler; so Léo concludes that he has been cheated. To get his money back, Léo plans to sell the land to Antoine, another richman who is after his beautiful daughter Patricia (played by Mireille Darc, who is very beautiful here.)

In the beginning of the movie, we see how much Antoine wants Patricia. He sends her everything, from small size (flowers) to big size (a car) - all tied with ribbons (including a dog). Patricia is so annoyed that she hires the courier (who delivers the car) to pose as her husband. She assumes Antoine will step back when he learns she has already married. When her father mentions to her that she must help to make Antoine buys the land, Simon the courier/her husband now must pose as her elder brother. Things get more confusing when Patricia's real brother, Paul, returns from South America with a girl.

Antoine is not stupid and he wants to make sure that the land really contains oil before signing the cheque. Léo's butler now must also help his master. Daniel Ceccaldi, who plays the Butler, is very funny. He played the butler who has no emotion. The butler is obviously well paid.
Léo : "I'll double your salary."
The butler : "Master has already had."
Léo : "I'll re-double it."
The butler : " Now I can loan money to people." (something like that)

The ending is not what Léo expected. He succeeds in making Antoine buys the land, but Antoine is the one who gains. The land does contain oil and Antoine also gets the girl - although not Patricia.

The title is the name of a pet chicken kept by Léo's wife. Every day she takes it out for a walk.

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