Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tiré à part (1996)

Terence Stamp plays Edward Lamb, a successful publisher based in London. His relationship with his secretary is like James Bond - Miss Moneypenny and they could have been married, but Edward Lamb once had a lover in Tunisia, back in 1960, and he cannot forget her. Lamb's sweetheart, Farida, committed suicide in 1960 and her death made him stop writing.

One day, a writer called Nicolas Fabry brings his manuscript to Edward Lamb. Strangely, this manuscript is about Farida's death - which no one knew, except Farida herself and the man who raped her. Obviously, it was Nicolas Fabry who caused her death 30 years ago. Edward Lamb then makes a plan to avenge her.

Nicolas Fabry usually writes action novels, but his new work is very different. It is very good. Later it wins The Goncourt Prize. Things are well for Nicolas Fabry, until when a critic writes an article that his book is a plagiarism from a dead writer. The critic can prove that the former book was published in the eve of WW2.

Terence Stamp makes Edward Lamb has a heart of stone. His revenge is too cruel and I feel pity on Nicolas Fabry, who for the first time finally could prove to the public that he could write something good. It's bad luck that he puts his trust on Edward Lamb. How could he copy other writer's book if he wrote the story from his own experience? 

The movie has good pace and it's a thrilling drama. I kept hoping that Lamb could forgive Fabry and forget the past.

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