Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Clash of the Titans (2010)

I like very much the 1981 version, but it's been so long since I watched it. I think in the end Perseus marries Andromeda.

The movie begins with how Spyros the fisherman saves baby Perseus who is floating with his dead mother in a coffin in the ocean. Spyros and family are later killed by Hades and Perseus swears that he will avenge them. In Argos, Queen Cassiopeia insults the gods by comparing Aphrodite's beauty to her daughter Andromeda; but instead of Aphrodite, it's Hades who comes to curse Argos. In 10 days, monster Kraken will destroy Argos unless Princess Andromeda is sacrificed.

Perseus learns about his birth from Io (played by Gemma Arterton, who is very beautiful. It makes sense why Perseus ends up with her and not Andromeda), that he is Zeus's son. Only Perseus can save Argos. He must first ask the 3 Stygian witches how Kraken can be defeated. The witches tells him to go to the underworld and get Medusa's head to stone Kraken. There is also Calibos, an ex-king who hates Zeus so much that he wants to kill his son Perseus.

The 1981 version is still my favourite. I like better the actors who play Perseus - Andromeda there - and I prefer white Pegasus. In this 2010 version, the moral lesson of 'a man can do this', 'one day a man must take a stand and say to gods 'That's enough', are quite annoying. This is a Greek myth! Liam Neeson who plays Zeus, is hired to play gods lately; for he is also in Narnia Chronicles, gives his voice to Aslan. Hades is played by Ralph Fiennes, who sounds like he is strangled while delivering his lines. I wonder why not he used his usual voice. He has melancholic eyes, and in my opinion, they should be portrayed anger in many scenes - but I didn't see it.

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