Saturday, March 3, 2012

Donald Duck Classics: Quack Up

This book is one of my attempts to ride more work by Carl Barks.

There are 6 stories here:
1. Luck of The North (1949)
2. The Master's Touch (1979)
3. The Paper Route Panic (1959)
4. Donald the Milkman (1957)
5. Mission: Goldfinger (1966)
5. Nothing New (2007)

Luck of The North and Donald The Milkman are both by Carl Barks, and both I like very much. Donald The Milkman is my favourite among the two, because it's very nice to see Donald trying to be a perfect milkman. I also love The Master's Touch, which I remember reading years ago. It's Donald the photographer and his various lenses, trying to make a good portrait of Maharaja of Bumpakar.

The rests are not so good, which is a pity, because the book looks physically great.

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