Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kisah Hidup Paman Gober

I was glad Gramedia Bookstore put this book on étalage, so this time I didn't miss it. The retail price is quite high (Rp 160.000,-), but still cheaper compared to the 3 I bought from America. I usually buy online, where I can get 10% - 20% discount, but this book was hard to find so I knew that I had to go to a branch of Gramedia. I brought along a friend who had a BCA card to get the 10% discount.

Kisah Hidup Paman Gober is a compilation from The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck volume 1 & 2, plus the Companion. The chapters are in the right order here, plus 2 chapters: A Letter from Home and The Dutchman's Secret. I am rather disappointed, though, why Sultan Djokja and Sultan Solo were translated to Raja Kulon and Raja Wetan. It reduces the humour, imo.

It's The Dutchman's Secret I particularly wanted. It's the only chapter I haven't read.

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