Monday, March 26, 2012

Marilyn Monroe: Unseen Archives

This biography book by Marie Clayton is really a very good deal. I got it at a low price. There are lots of pictures (rare, they say, but I wouldn't know as there were not many pictures of Marilyn Monroe I had seen) printed on glossy papers. The book is divided into 7 chapters, each begins with (short) facts about Marilyn Monroe. When I was a child, I heard about her mysterious death and the probable conspiracy around it. In this book, Ms Clayton only states the facts - and not myths - which is a good thing.

Each photo in this book is accompanied by a story about it, so it's really enjoyable to read this book. It's like we see a photo book and someone is telling us about each photo.

One particular photo interests me much: when Marilyn Monroe met our first president, Soekarno. During his reign a famous group band, Koes Bersaudara, was sent to jail for playing The Beatles's songs. Soekarno's regime condemned western culture at that time. There is no date for this picture, but I think Soekarno met Marilyn Monroe in 1956. In 9 years he had changed and hated western culture.

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