Saturday, October 27, 2012

No One Left To Tell

I had only read one other book by Karen Rose before: Don't Tell. It was enjoyable, but nothing special. It was the usual romance/thriller story. So I expected nothing when I picked up 'No One Left To Tell', but this one turns out to be much much better than Don't Tell, which is her debut, published in 2003, nine years before.

No One Left To Tell has good plots, fast paced, with many body counts. The book is quite thick, but actually all the actions only happen in 4 days. It started 6 years ago, with the murder of a young girl named Crystal Jones. Prosecutor Grayson Smith had sent Ramon Munoz to jail for the murder. Ramon's wife and mother never believe he is guilty, so his wife goes to see Smith to ask for a re-trial, but a week later she is murdered. Shortly before her death, she gave proofs of her husband's innocence to PI Paige Holden, along with a message that 'a cop did this'. Holden then works together with Smith to re-investigate the case.

The title is appropriate: No One Left To Tell - because the killer(s) murdered all the witnesses along the way.[So many deaths in the span of 6 years, yet the police couldn't see the connection.] However there are of course several who are spared by Ms Rose - to help the hero and heroine crack the case (in 4 days!) and save the day.

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