Saturday, October 20, 2012

Uncle Scrooge & Donald Duck by Carl Barks

Although now I have 2 ebook readers, 1 Nook Simple Touch and 1 Nook Tablet, there are some books that still worthy to buy in hard copy. I bought these 2 books in July : Uncle Scrooge "Only a Poor Old Man" and Donald Duck "Lost in the Andes".

"Only a Poor Old Man" features "Only a Poor Old Man", "Back to the Klondike", "The Horse-Radish Treasure", "The Round Money Bin", "The Menehune Mystery", "The Secret of Atlantis", "Tralla La", and "Outfoxed Fox", plus 1 short story and 18 one-page gags. The introduction is by George Lucas and there are story notes and some old comic book covers.

"Lost in the Andes" features "Lost in the Andes!", "The Golden Christmas Tree", "Race to the South Seas!", and "Voodoo Hoodoo", plus 9 short stories and 7 one-page gags. There are also introduction, story notes and some old comic book covers.

I am never tired reading the works of Carl Barks and think these stories can still be read by future generations. I am waiting now to be able to buy the next volumes from this series.

Since I missed the first 2 books from Kisah Terbaik Disney Karya Carl Barks from Gramedia, I try to lay my hands on everything by Carl Barks. Maybe it's a sort of compensation.

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