Thursday, June 19, 2014

Silken Prey - John Sandford

Porter Smalls, a  conservative Republican politician, had been caught having porn files in his office computer. Smalls claimed that he had been framed and the governor directly assigned Lucas Davenport to discreetly look at the case. The election was coming and of course Smalls’ rival, Taryn Grant, benefited from this incident.

Lucas had been fixed things for the governor before, but this case was much more dangerous. He could make enemies everywhere if he took a wrong step and probably would lose his job at the BCA – not that he needed the money anyway.

Compared to the previous book in Prey series, Silken Prey was not as exciting. The pace was slower and Lucas had no idea where to look at until people started to be missing or killed. It was the killers who were having ideas how to progress, how to avoid the cops, and Lucas was only following their trails; although the killers’ efforts to shake him, gave him more clues instead. Besides working with his usual BCA agents, he also asked help from Kidd, a hacker and an artist.

Lucas Davenport was 40 in the first Prey book, now he was 49 and had a family: a wife, an adopted daughter, a toddler son, a baby girl, and a housekeeper. I think he was not as sharp as before – although the amount of curse words were much more reduced. In the old days, he wrote clues on pieces of paper and stuck them on his wall and looked at them and thought before sleeping. Now he often discussed cases with his wife or went shopping. "Nothing was so likely to clear the mind as spending money."

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