Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wicked Prey - John Sandford

The Republican convention was coming to Twin Cities and the cops were very busy. A poor man had been seen shooting a new .50 cal rifle nearby and the person who ran the convention security coordination committee asked Lucas Davenport to look into it. Then Lily Rothenburg, a captain with the NYPD, called Lucas to warn him that a bunch of robbers were coming to Minneapolis. And there was Randy Whitcomb, a pimp who had had a history with Lucas [Eyes of Prey & Chosen Prey) and swore to get back at him, but as he was afraid, he targeted Lucas’s 14 year-old ward, Letty West.

I really enjoyed reading this book, especially after the disappointing Phantom Prey. Letty, who worked as an unpaid intern for Channel Three, soon found out that Randy Whitcomb was after her. Knowing that if she told Lucas [I thought it was touching that she called him ‘Dad’ and Weather ‘Mom’], Lucas would kill Randy and got himself in trouble, Letty decided not to tell him and to solve the problem herself.

The robbers were the main focus in this book. First they robbed lobby men (=lobbyists) in their hotel rooms. These ‘vote buyers’ carried a lot of money and since their activity was illegal, the robbers thought they perhaps wouldn’t report the robberies to the cops. However, the victims were Neil Mitford’s friends. Neil Mitford was the governor’s executive assistant. He called Lucas to catch the robbers without telling anyone about the illegal money. At first it indeed raised a question, but when the robbers killed a cop, the cops began to take it seriously and hunted the cop killers. The scene culminated in St Andrews Hotel when the desperate robbers hit the strong room.

The book concluded with Letty officially became Letty Davenport.

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