Monday, June 9, 2014

Storm Prey - John Sandford

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was January in Twin Cities and a storm was coming. Four people robbed the pharmacy at University Hospitals in Minneapolis and kicked an old pharmacists when he was trying to get help. This old man had been in medication and the unharmed kick killed him. However he managed to scratch his attacker so the police would be able to find the man by his DNA. Meanwhile, Lucas Davenport’s wife, Weather, who was a surgeon, came early to that hospital for a separation operation on a twins and saw two of the robbers’ face, one inside and one outside.

For the robbers it was a bad nightmare getting worse and worse à and for the police the headache was worse and worse. When the pharmacist died, they were involved in a murder. They tried to remove any witnesses by committing more murders, also didn’t hesitate to get rid of their own people. They sent a killer after Weather, without knowing that she was the wife of ‘the second smartest cop in Minnesota’ [said Virgil Flowers. Who was the first?]. Again in this book Lucas did a personal errand, using the BCA people to guard his wife. The robbers did themselves harms when they went after Weather: 1) The state cops would never give up until Weather was safe 2) The killer was riding a motorbike and this led the investigation to the Seed, a motorcycle gang, and a bar owned by two of the robbers.

Lucas's part was not as big as in other books. At first he was even only mentioned as 'Weather's husband', while in previous books in this series he was the main character. In this book he really worked as a team with his BCA men. It would have been easier if they could get Weather out of town, but since the writer made her a very important part of the separation operation team, Weather had to be in the hospital every day, while a killer was hunting her.

The plot was unpredictable with lots of twists, made this one of the best books in Prey series.

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