Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Merlin - TV Series

I really loved watching this TV series and tried not to miss each episode, but the channel that showed it, Diva, usually changed the schedule when they showed the last episode of each season. Like last week, when I tried to watch the last episode of season 5 (the last season). It was supposed to be shown on Thursday at 6 pm. It was not shown. I found out later that it had been shown at 2 pm, while I was still at work. As this was the last episode, the conclusion, I sought the schedule and was finally able to catch it when it was re-shown on Sunday evening.

L-R : King Uther, Arthur, Merlin, Gaius, Morgana, Guinevere
Before watching this series, I only had known that Merlin had been a great sorcerer, with white long beard and a pointed hat. He worked along with King Arthur and his knights of the round table, one of them had been famous for his search of the Holy Grail. King Arthur had had this beautiful wife, Guinevere, who once had had an affair with one of his knights, Lancelot. Merlin had a powerful enemy, the high priestess Morgana. Also well known had been King Arthur’s sword Excalibur.

In this made-in-Britain TV series, I learned a lot about Camelot and Merlin’s relationship with King Arthur. When Merlin, as a young man, first arrived in Camelot, Uther Pendragon was the king. King Uther was very much against magic and he had punished those who practiced magic, condemned them to death. Merlin was sent to King Uther’s son, Arthur, as a servant. Merlin had to hide the fact that he could practice magic, although countless times he had helped Arthur without Arthur’s knowledge of Merlin’s gift. Merlin stayed with Gaius, the palace’s physician and became his apprentice. Only Gaius knew Merlin’s secret.

Sometimes Merlin has to drink a magic potion which can make him old, so no one
will recognize him
Meanwhile, Arthur’s half sister, Morgana, gradually found out that she could do magic; but she was afraid of her father. She was so bitter that she became evil. She wanted to be the queen of Camelot and in order to achieve that, she had to kill Arthur first.

The last episode showed Arthur’s death by Mordred after the battle of Camlann. Merlin had been told about this before and he had tried to kill Mordred first, but failed because Merlin was too kind. Merlin had been told that he could save Arthur if he acted quickly. Gaius had said that Merlin had to take the gravely wounded Arthur to Avalon, but Arthur died on the way. If Merlin had called the dragon the fly them away from the beginning, perhaps Arthur could have been saved. I must say that in his last hour, Arthur looked more drunk than dying.

I vaguely remember that Finna, a faithful servant of a sorcerer who had died in Morgana's hand, gave Merlin a little box, told him that it could be useful in a dark time. I think Merlin hadn't used this box yet.

So there goes the image of old Arthur and old Merlin worked together for the sake of Camelot, to unite the kingdoms.

Among the actors, Colin Morgan (Merlin) and Katie McGrath (Morgana) stood out. Angel Coulby (Guinevere) perhaps was the worst, and I think the part was just not for her.

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