Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Empress File - John Sandford

The Empress File is the 2nd book in the Kidd series, previously published under John Sandford's real name.

Kidd's friend, Bobby - a hacker specialized in databases - asked for his help. A friend of Bobby in the town of Longstreet, had been accidentally shot to death by the police, and his family didn't get justice because they were black. John Smith (not real name) - an investigator for a legal services company, together with local activist Marvel and Harold, and Kidd as the 'technician'; they made a plan to bring down the corrupted city council for revenge. In the center of the city council was the female mayor: Dessusdelit. Taking along his burglar friend LuEllen, Kidd didn't miss the opportunity to secretly rob the bad guys.

Compared to the first book The Fool's Run, I say The Empress File was less exciting - but only a little bit. Near the ending, Kidd was almost beaten to death by his enemies before LuEllen saved him, and although I kind of prefer the hero gets beaten (a nice difference from a neat hero in tidy hair and smooth suit), I think LuEllen should had arrived much sooner.

Kidd was a tarot reader, and like the first novel, this 2nd book also took a tarot card for its title. After Bobby called, Kidd got the tarot deck out and did two spreads. The Empress dominated both of them. "In my interpretive system The Empress represents women, new enterprises, new creations, new movements. There's an overtone of politics and a suggestion of s3x." In this case, The Empress card could have pointed to Marvel.

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