Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Night Crew - John Sandford

In my opinion, The Night Crew is not as good as the Prey series, although it’s worth to read because it’s written by John Sandford. The Prey series were centered in MinneapolisSt Paul, and the description of the places were vivid, that I was tempted to visit the Twin Cities if only I had the money.

The Night Crew was set in Los Angeles. The heroine was Anna Batory, leader of the night crew. With an administrator (Louis) and two cameramen (Jason and Creek), Anna went around the city to capture video news and sold them to TV stations. In the beginning of the book, the crew got two stories: an animal rights raid and a jumper. The next morning, one of Anna’s cameramen, Jason, turned up dead on a beach, shot to death.

In the course of the investigation, Anna was told by the police that she had been being stalked and the stalker murdered anyone who had been closed to her. Guarded by Jake Harper, a lawyer, who believed that the Jason’s murder connected to the jumper (Harper’s son)’s death – and that the police was too slow – Anna tried to find who the stalker was.

Compared to John Sandford’s other works, I think the plot here was not very effective. Anna and Jake Harper went around investigating and got many false clues. I was also disappointed after the cuprit had been exposed. Anna was familiar with his voice and she thought he was someone she knew. The way he obsessed about her, it seemed he had been like that for a long time. It turned out he was someone she met at the beginning of the story. I read somewhere that John Sandford didn’t made the sequel because Anna Batory was too much like Lucas Davenport, his Prey hero. The reader could grasp this when they read how Anna killed her stalker in the end. Like Davenport, she could lost her mind and saw red. Like in Eyes of Prey, when Davenport kept hitting the killer’s face until they were separated. Jake Harper, who witnessed Anna’s rage, decided to end their relationship – like Weather decided to leave Davenport (although temporarily) in Sudden Prey after he manipulated her in order to kill the bad guy.

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