Monday, December 8, 2014

Donald Duck: Trail of the Unicorn by Carl Barks

The volume contains stories such as: Trail of the Unicorn (Uncle Scrooge pays Donald and the kids to bring back a unicorn from Himalayas for his zoo collection), Super Snooper (Donald drinks a magic potion and becomes a superman), the Great Duckburg Frog-Jumping Contest (frog legs cost too much so Donald decides to catch the animal himself), Letter to Santa (Donald forgot to mail the kids' letter to Santa, so he asks Uncle Scrooge to buy a steam shovel for the kids, but Uncle Scrooge wants to get the credit), Dowsing Ducks (the kids try to show Donald that their water diviner really works), The Goldilocks Gambit (Donald, the kids, Gladstone Gander and three bears in a cabin), New Toys (the kids want the toys they already have for Christmas. I think this is one of the sweetest stories Barks ever wrote), Luck of The North (with a fake map, Donald sends Gladstone Gander to the Artic Ocean and follow him to prevent something bad happened), Donald's Love Letters (Donald thinks Gladstone Gander has his love letters to Daisy and tries to get them back because they are embarrassing), Rip Van Donald (the kids makes Donald believes he has slept for 20 years and the world has changed), Land of Totem Poles (Donald and the kids in a competition: who is the best salesman?), and Serum to Codfish Cove (Donald brags being the greatest skier, so the mayor tasks him to bring a bottle of serum to the isolated village of Codfish Cove).

Panels from the title story. I hope somebody took pity of Huey and helped him carry the rock.
Panels from the Great Duckburg Frog-Jumping Contest. My most favourite story in this volume.

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