Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mireille Darc - Tant que battra mon coeur (mémoires)

Is there another version of this book? I happen to have this pocket version, which is too small: 10,8 x 17,7 cm. There are 24 pages dedicated for pictures (divided in 2 groups); the ones from her childhood were arranged in an "economical" way that one page carries 4 - 6 pictures--> can't see them clearly in this size, the two pictures with her classmates, for example.

Ms Darc's writing style is easy to read & understandable. She chose things from her life that she thought interesting for this book. I really enjoyed reading this book. For me, what I like most is to read about her life with Alain Delon, her heart surgery, and the terrible car accident. She is an independent woman, very strong, yet very kind. Not much photos here as she burned them when she started a new life with her husband, Pascal Desprez, an architect.

She met Alain Delon in 1966, but only 2 years later they became close. After Alain Delon finished the filming of La Piscine, Markovic Affair started. That day, he called her, asked her to accompany him to watch an opera. Mireille Darc went to Yves Saint Laurent to borrow a dress/gown for the event and Pierre Bergé (the owner) asked her whom she went with. She told him that she would be going with Alain Delon. 
Pierre Bergé : Ah, OK... OK... with Alain... But you know?
Mireille Darc : Yes, I know.

It was a difficult time for Alain Delon, but she stood by his side. In this book she wrote about one incident when she was interrogated and threated by the police. She was truly a friend and that is why she is the only woman who stayed with Alain Delon for 15 years. They didn't have any children because she had a heart condition, a result of her poor childhood.

I say she chose interesting things for this book because there was this embarrassing story where she and Alain Delon went to an event in Lido. She wore the phenomenal dress from Le grand blond avec une chaussure noire and when she and Alain Delon were dancing, someone touched her natal cleft. If I myself ever published an autobiography, I would have omitted embarrassing things.

In March 1980 she had a heart operation where the surgeon opened her heart so she was clinically dead for a while. Even now, in 2014, I still think it was a difficult and very expensive operation.

In July 1983 she had a terrible accident in tunnel of Aoste where her Mercedes 500 was hit by a truck (she was in passenger seat, sleeping). Although her relationship with Alain Delon had been waning, she still worked for him. At that time she had visited some furniture factories for Alain Delon label and was visiting perfume and glasses factories. Because of the accident, her body was broken, and also her heart, because he left him for a girl half of her age. However, Mireille Darc was (and is) a very wonderful lady, since we all know that she and Alain Delon are still good friends.

The book was written in 2005. 343 pages.

Alain Delon contributed some pictures for this book. See the left side of each pic.

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