Monday, December 8, 2014

Uncle Scrooge: The Seven Cities of Gold by Carl Barks

The volume contains stories such as: The Seven Cities of Cibola (looking for Indian arrowheads in great deserts of the west, Uncle Scrooge, Donald, and the kids find the long lost Seven Cities of Cibola), The Million-Dollar Pigeon (to save money, instead of hiring a messenger, Uncle Scrooge sends a million dollars by a pigeon post, but the bird never arrives at the bank), The Mysterious Stone Ray (Uncle Scrooge and the kids find a bottle with a SOS message on a beach and they go for a rescue. When they arrive at the island, they find the Beagle Boys has been turned into stones), A Campaign of Note (Uncle Scrooge is a candidate for city treasurer and wants to win without spending too much money), The Lemming with The Locket (a locket, the key to Uncle Scrooge's new safe combination is accidentally stolen by a rat/lemming and to get it back they run after the creature all across the world), The Tuckered Tiger (to make the Duckburg Spring Festival a success, Uncle Scrooge holds an animal race. His horse vs Maharajah of Swingingdore's tiger. The winner will get the owner of the losing animal's weight in diamonds), The Fabulous Philosopher's Stone (whoever that owns it can turn anything into gold), Heirloom Watch (Uncle Scrooge can claim his inheritance to his great uncle Quagmire McDuck in Scotland if he can show the old McDuck heirloom watch in good condition), The Great Steamboat Race (Horseshoe Hogg challeges Uncle Scrooge to finish the unfinished boat race of long ago), Riches, Riches, Everywhere! (Uncle Scrooge shows Donald and the kids that he is the cleverest prospector and can find riches everywhere), and The Golden Fleecing (Uncle Scrooge wants to change his red coat with a golden coat, but the tailor needs some magical golden wool).

There are also a couple of 1 page stories of how Uncle Scrooge tries to trick a café owner into serving him more coffée.

Stoned Beagle Boys in The Mysterious Stone Ray: a horror for Uncle Scrooge
The Great Steamboat Race: my favourite then and now!
Panels from The Golden Fleecing. The kids' guidebook seems to have answers for everything.
Yup, the book has answers to everything.
A panel from Heirloom Watch. Even Uncle Scrooge thinks like this.

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