Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Shaolin Intruders (1983)

I like this movie because of its good story: revenge with a bit of detective work. It's one of the best Shaw Brothers films.

A mysterious murderer was killing off members of four big clans: Tiger, Wind, Cloud and Dragon. Two friends, Lei Shun (Erl Tung-shen) and Qiao Yiduo (Pai Piao) got involved in this case because their friend, the beautiful Yeh Ching-hua (Liu Yu-po) was the main suspect. Her signature weapon was found in one of the victim's body. However, Lei Shun saw that the people had actually been killed with Shaolin Jingang Palm.

Golden Tiger Armed Escorts
What are they escorting? Usually this kind of company uses carts, not backpacks.
Yeh Ching-hua claimed that she had seen the face of the 4 murderers, they were monks and she could recognize them again. The three friends went to Shaolin, but the Abbot would only let Yeh Ching-hua picked out the 4 guilty monks if they could pass three challenges.

Lei Shun vs The Abbot in the 3rd challenge
I like how Lei Shun and Qiao Yiduo prevailed over the Shaolin monks in the three challenges. Their kung-fu skill was not better than the monks', but they could won anyway by using tricks. [In many kung-fu films, usually if one can not win over the enemy, he/she usually will go away first to find a better teacher.]

The story was not as simple as it looked. Yeh Ching-hua pointed the 4 monks out and they were punished, yet Lei Shun was not satisfied.

L-R : Lei Shun, Yeh Ching-hua, Qiao Yidou
I like how the friendship between Lei Shun and Qiao Yidou described here. We really care for them and hope the best for them. This kind of impression is not easy to built considering this movie running time is only 90 minutes.

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