Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Daredevils (1979)

I read negative reviews of this movie, but after watching, I must say that I like it... very much.

Lo Meng tried to avenge his dead family, but failed and died. His friends (Lu Feng, Sun Chien, Kuo Chui, Chiang Sheng) continued his fight against a corrupted commander division and his thugs. Wait, several ordinary people vs a commander? Yes, it was possible by using a trick. They used the commander's greed against himself.

L-R: Lo Meng, Sun Chien, Chiang Sheng, Lu Feng
What made me like this movie was its acrobatic scenes. They were such a joy to watch. I know that at least three of the actors: Lu Feng, Kuo Chui and Chiang Sheng attended Peking Opera School and were very skilled in acrobatic moves. Here the three played street performers and were able to show off their ability.

The chair gag
There was also a robbery scene which would be seemed slow for kung-fu film fans, but I had watched several French films which also featured robbery scenes like this and in my opinion the robbery scene in this film can be compared to the robberies in 1960's - 1970's French films. What had been gained by the robbery in this film would make you laugh, though.

Trying to impress the Commander

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