Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Master Strikes Back (1985)

This movie should not be watched when one is feeling down because this is not an entertaining movie. It would make one feel depressed.

At Guang Xi's frontier there was a small town named Phoenix Town. Tong Tie-cheng (Ti Lung) came with his only son, Tong Hsiao-feng, to a military camp near Phoenix Town to be the soldiers' instructor. To discipline the soldiers, Instructor Tong forbade them to visit Hang Fa brothel. Instructor Tong didn't realize that this act offended Chief Constable Jin (Chen Hui-min), a sort of small king in Phoenix Town. Forbidding the troops to visit the brothel means taking away Jin's bread and butter.

Chief Inspector Jin welcomes Tong and his son in Phoenix Town
To complicate the matter, there was also this beautiful pr0stitute, Miss Hong (Hu Hui-chung). She was Jin's favourite, but seemed to prefer to be with Instructor Tong. "She is expensive," said one soldier. It took 4 dollars to be with her.

Miss Hong visits Tong in the military camp.
In this still, she is giving a fruit to Hsiao-feng
Chief Constable Jin had good connections at the capital and the governor was his cousin. Even Tong's boss feared this corrupted man. It's not clear what "good connection at the capital" means, but when an eunuch came to Phoenix Town, he seemed to know Jin very well. The eunuch instructed a selection "young eunuchs". Young boys were caught, jailed, and castrated; including Instructor's Tong's only son.

At first Tong tried to plead with Jin and agreed to Jin's demand to leave Phoenix Town, with the condition that Jin freed Tong Hsiao-feng. But Jin broke his promised.

During Instructor Tong's staying in the military camp, the soldiers had grown to be fond of him. They could see what sort of man he was, especially when he saved one soldier's life after a problem in the brothel. In the end they helped him to set the score with Chief Constable Jin.

With a high level of violence and nud1ty, this movie was not for everyone. Perhaps they are lots of curse words, too, but I don't know Chinese language well. I recognize one curse word (consists of 3 syllables) which is usually translated as 'b4stard' and sometimes 'turtle's grandson', but I don't know how rude this word is.

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