Friday, February 5, 2016

Descendant of the Sun (1983)

I had so much fun watching this movie. It reminded me a lot of Superman II, where the superhero had enemies as strong as he was. Btw, the theme song was similar, too.

A poor old farmer found a baby boy inside a shining wall in a cave. He took the baby home and raised him with his wife. When the son had grown up, they found out that he was very strong (could lift a loaded cart) and could make peaches appeared out of nowhere in winter. Later we found out that he also could fly and speak to birds. This fairy had been sent from heaven to earth to fight a devil, who also had gone to earth approximately at the same time.

The fairy would end up in the princess's palace, guarding her against her evil uncle who wanted the throne. The devil would teamed up with the uncle.

Lung Tien-hsiang as the evil uncle and Ku Kuan-ching as the devil
Like in Superman, where the superhero will lose his power when he's near a lump of kryptonite; our fairy here also lost his power during  a solar eclipse. It was said that his power's source was the sun; although during night fight scenes he seemed do well.

Erl Tung-shen plays the title role
(L) the bird trainer - (R) the fairy.
If Clark Kent's friends cannot recognize him when he does not wear his glasses, here our fairy's friends couldn't recognize him although he didn't wear any disguise for his alter ego: the palace's bird trainer.

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