Friday, February 5, 2016

Full Moon Scimitar (1979)

scim·i·tar : a short sword with a curved blade that broadens toward the point, used originally in Eastern countries.

Based on a book by Khu Lung, the story is about the ambition of  men. The main character, Ting Peng, was a young hero who wanted to be famous in martial arts world. With his 'shooting star' sword technique - inherited from his late father, he defeated famous swordsmen one by one.

The next on his list was Liu Jo-sung. Ting Peng wouldn't have guessed that his opponent would use a dirty trick on him. Liu sent his wife to lure Ting Peng to her bedroom, to steal the manual of the shooting star. Of course in the duel Liu could defeated Ting Peng and even more, he accused our young hero of stealing the shooting star technique from him.

Embarrassed and hopeless, Ting Peng wanted to commit suicide, but met a beautiful lady, Ching Ching, who lived underground with her grandparents. She claimed that she was a fox woman, but Ting Peng didn't mind and married her. Ching Ching had a scimitar and she taught Ting Peng how to use it. Ting Peng now had gained his confidence back and wanted revenge.

*Listening to the Spring Rain in a small attic at night* inscription on the scimitar

Ting Peng (Erl Tung-shen) and Ching Ching (Liza Wang)
With the scimitar, Ching Ching's help and her grandfather's treasure, Ting Peng had Liu Jo-sung under his feet; but he was too arrogant to kill him and kept him as a student. He turned down Ching Ching's request to return underground, to live together peacefully there.

Dead rats in a pot of rice. A psychological war.
The parts about how Ting Peng gets revenge on Liu are very good.
He went further to challenge the Third Master, the number one swordsman; and married again to the daughter of the most wealthy man to gain more power in martial arts world. However, things didn't go as he had planned, for his student Liu Jo-sung wanted to harm him. This movie had a happy ending anyway: the good guys lived and the bad guys died.

Ting Peng forces his way to meet the Third Master
This movie had a nice theme song by Joseph Koo, sung by Roman Tam and Liza Wang. TVB also released a tv-series version in the same year, starring by Damian Lau and Angie Chiu.

The moon knows my heart's desire
The scimitar would join two loving hearts
Tears drop as the wind laments
Success draws lovers apart
Love will soon be forgotten; the wife abandoned!

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