Monday, February 15, 2016

My Young Auntie (1981)

To prevent his 3rd brother from snatching his assets, dying old Yu married his servant's daughter. After his death, she was to go to Guang-zhou and give the will and deed to his eldest brother's fourth child, Yu Jing Chuen. The greedy 3rd brother and his godson would try to get the deed back.

My Young Auntie is an interesting film. Jing Dai Nan (played by Kara Hui), the 2nd wife of the 2nd uncle - the servant's daughter - was about at the same age at Yu Jing Chuen's son. So although by age she belonged to the next generation of old Yu's nephews, but by marriage, her status was higher than them: she was their elder.  Old Yu's nephews had to bow to her, although they were old enough to be her father and uncles. And they did it dutifully and seriously because it was tradition.

Family Tree

Compare that with the behaviour of the younger generation: Yu Jing Chuen's son, Yu Tao. He had been studying in Hong Kong and  spoke English quite often. His attitude to his 'grand aunt' was not as respectful as his father's. Yu Tao had been influenced by western culture.

war costume : chinese style vs western style

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Excellent film. Great action, and a masquerade party.