Friday, January 17, 2014

Headhunters - Jo Nesbø

This book started slowly, with the lead character, a top headhunter named Robert Brown, interviewing a job seeker. Robert Brown loved his wife, Diana, very much; and in order to please her, he needed more money than he could make. As a side job, he stole paintings from the people he interviewed. The trouble started when Diana told him that she might have met the right person for the CEO of a company named Pathfinder, a GPS technologies company. This candidate, Clas Greve, was an ex-Commando, and he would do anything to get that position, even if he had to kill the headhunter.

At first the story was boring, but once I got past the usual introduction, I almost couldn't put this down. Art thieving, industrial espionage, murder, deceit, plus clever tricks (but not the same) as Jo Nesbø had used in Harry Hole series. I thought that this could make a good movie, but it turns out that it has been made in 2011, even won several awards and nominated for BAFTA.

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