Friday, January 10, 2014

The Following (TV) (2013)

The antagonist was a handsome serial killer, Joe Carroll, ex professor of English literature -expert in Edgar Allan Poe's works - who had searched inspirations to write his novels by torturing and murdering young women. He had been caught by FBI agent Ryan Hardy, who almost died in his hand, and since then living with the help of a pacemaker. In prison, Joe Carroll received many of his fans, who were killers like him. Together they planned his escape.

The series was enjoyable to watch, even though I found the story didn't make sense. Joe Carroll had violently murdered 14 women and I thought that the authority should have considered him as dangerous and put him in isolation. In this series, the warden didn't seem to care about Joe Carroll activity. Carroll was free to teach his 'students' when they visited him in prison, threatened his lawyer, and planned the kidnappings of his wife and son, planned his escape, and avenged Ryan Hardy.

Too many serial killers in this series and they all idolized Joe Carroll. Most of them had uninteresting personality - mostly they were insane. I prefer watching movies with smart serial killers (and not a group of slaves like in this series), with smarter detectives to catch them.

"The grim reality is that there are always somewhere between 35 and 300 active serial killers (depending on who you ask) in the US alone." And from this fact, the creator of this series gathered them all and made them love Joe Carroll. What was so special about Joe Carroll, anyway? Apart from his good looks and good manners, he actually failed: both as a writer and a serial killer.

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