Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Bat - Jo Nesbø

The Bat (the Aboriginal symbol of death) is the first book in the Harry Hole series. Harry Hole was sent to Sydney, Australia, to help the local police investigating the murder of a Norwegian girl.

Now I knew how to spell his name. As the first name was an English name, it was easier to assume that the family name was also the same. The correct spelling is 'hoo-leh'. In The Bat, he let himself to be called Holy. "Harry Hole considered his options. He had decided to spend the first days in Australia correcting the pronunciation of his surname so that he wouldn't be confused with apertures or orifices. Mr. Holy however, was infinitely preferable."

He fell in love with a beautiful Swedish girl, Birgitta, who worked in a local bar, same as the victim. Birgitta would be mentioned again in later books. I liked Harry Hole in the first part of the book, when he was sober; but then he started drinking after the death of his partner. I myself never understand why one glass was not enough. I think Harry Hole himself knew that by drinking he couldn't forget and couldn't solve the problem, not the mention that he had to empty the contents of his stomach later.

I have read some reviews that said The Bat was disappointing, but I disagree. I enjoyed reading this book and I think this is one among the best crime books I have ever read.

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