Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Lucy (2014)

With Luc Besson and Scarlett Johannson in this movie, I had expected to watch something extra-ordinary. However, it did not meet my expectation. I must have set my hope too high… I think the movie was too short: it was less than 90 minutes.

Lucy (Scarlett Johannson) met Richard – whom she had dated once – in front of a hotel in Taipei. He asked her help to deliver a suitcase to the receptionist and asked for a Mr. Jang. Mr Jang’s henchmen killed Richard and took Lucy to Mr. Jang’s room, where she found out that the suitcase was full of a new powerful drug in the shape of little blue crystals. To smuggle the drug into other countries, Mr Jang took Lucy and 3 other men and inserted the drug into their stomachs. While waiting for her flight, Lucy was kept in a prison and kicked in her stomach, causing a leak in the pack. She was overdosed and be able to use more part of her brain.

Ordinary people only use 10% of the brain.

She became very strong and could control her cells and electronics, could alter her appearance; but after a while she fell apart. Therefore she needed more of the drug and contacted French police to catch the 3 other smugglers. She also contacted Professor Norman (played by Morgan Freeman) who she believed understand her situation and could help her. So, what happened after Lucy could use 100% of her brain? Time and space became no obstacle? She became a sort of goddess?

Lucy's body is falling apart

Freeman & Johannson - in the same frame

Scarlett Johannson’s character gave blank looks most of the time, like she was looking through something. She probably could control cells but it looked like she had lost her soul. It was said that she had no pain, no fear, and no desire.

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