Monday, January 12, 2015

The Last Spymaster - Gayle Lynds

I enjoyed very much reading The Book of Spies a.k.a Library of Gold by Gayle Lynds so I thought The Last Spymaster would be as good. But it was not.

Jay Tice, a legend in the CIA, the last spymaster in this case; had been sent to prison for treason. Three years later he escaped. A hunter, Elaine Cunningham, was given the task to track him. There was a reason why Jay Tice escaped and he also managed to convince his old friends to help him in his new mission.

Compared to The Book of Spies, The Last Spymaster seemed plain. I guess a mission to track illegal weapon smugglers and to find a mole in the CIA was not as interesting as a mission to find a treasure. It's like comparing Mission Impossible vs Indiana Jones.

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