Monday, January 12, 2015

The Son - Jo Nesbø

Probably the best thriller I read in a while. The Son is much better than the Harry Hole books, better than Headhunters.

Sonny Lofthus, 30 years old, had been in Staten Prison for 12 years for 2 counts of murder. He was a drug addict and a model prisoner; the others often told him their sins, like sinners confessed to their priest. One day, a sick prisoner told Sonny that his father, police officer Ab Lofthus, had not committed suicide, but murdered before he could expose a mole in the police force. Sonny escaped from jail and took his revenge by killing the bad guys, those who had put him in jail in the first place; and tried to find the mole.

Reading The Son is not like reading any thriller books; the style is more sophisticated, more stylish to read. What I read is only an English translation from its original language, but I'm sure the translation tried to follow the original closely. It's a coincidence that the son's name is Sonny, what is simpler than that? He is also referred as 'the boy', although I don't agree, because a 30 year old male should be called a man - not a boy, even though it is said that "he looked much younger" than his age. Sonny is basically a kind hearted boy, that he weeps after killing people; reminds me of a movie called Crying Freeman.

The local Oslo Police - Homicide was led by Simon Kefas [an interesting name. In the Bible, Kefas is an alias for Simon.], who investigated the murders and also tried to capture Sonny back, was smarter than Kripos, the National Criminal Investigation Service. Kripos was also called to work on the murder cases, because the victims were important people.

Many interesting characters in this book, notably Sonny, Simon and Markus, a little boy who lived next to Sonny's old house. I'm glad this book ends with a happy ending.

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