Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The World's End (2013)

"It's pointless arguing with you."

Gary King and his 4 friends: Peter, Oliver, Andy, Steven were originally from Newton Haven. In their early twenties, they attempted to do something called ‘The Golden Mile’; that was going to all twelve pubs in the town in one go and drinking in each. It was not completed.
Twenty years later we saw the five men didn’t live in Newton Haven anymore. Peter, Oliver, Andy, Steven all had steady jobs and we could say they lived in order; while Gary lived in disorder. We saw Gary in a circle meeting (the one the participants tell others about their lives like in an AA meeting) and someone mentioned how Gary never completed The Golden Mile. Something clicked in Gary’s head and he gathered his four friends and they all went back to Newton Haven, trying to complete The Golden Mile.

The Five Musketeers back in Newton Haven
It sounded simple and boring, but this movie was directed by Edgar Wright, whom I think is very good with camera trick. What audience can see is only what the camera is capturing, which he combines with cleverly cutting scenes. Far as I know, not many can make this kind of movie with not-so-big budget. The movie was fast paced, or very fast paced, or at least the characters often said their lines very fast. To complicate matters, Newton Haven had been possessed by aliens. It was a combination of Shaun of The Dead (also made by the same people) and some comic I read years ago which I cannot remember clearly, a girl found the townspeople had been turned into robots – including her parents.

In the end, The World’s End (you will find the name of this last pub in The Golden Mile is very appropriate if you watch the movie) was a very entertaining movie and I enjoyed watching it very much.

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