Friday, June 26, 2015

Be Careful Sweetheart (1984)

I cannot remember if I ever watched this movie in the 80's, because last night when I watched it, the images were familiar, especially the red wedding gowns in the beginning. I remember the Night Orchid very well, but only recently I found out that Lin Ching-hsia did another movie with Cheng Shao-chiu (and Erl Tung-shen) - beside the Zu Warriors. Or perhaps I only read the synopsis back then in Ria Film. [Ria Film was a weekly magazine in the 80's. It contained detailed synopsis of new movies and celebrity news.]

Wai Kai (Cheng Shao-chiu) and Ling Er (Lin Ching-hsia) are lovers, but unfortunately they are students in Ying Feng Villa - which belongs to Eunuch Sheng. One of the villa's rules is: love affair is strictly forbidden. Wai Kai and Ling Erl must die because they have violated this rule. When they are about to be executed (using guillotine. Usually in this kind of movie they use a sword [or sabre] to decapitate. In the execution the couple wearing red wedding gowns - but they are not the usual traditional wedding clothes, the designs are beautiful. This scene is completed with wedding music in the background.), they are helped by Feng Shi and Feng Chu, another couple which has been expelled from the villa.

The wedding/execution scene.
I bet the costumes were designed for fighting purpose.
Eunuch Sheng sends people to go after them. Later, the pursuers are led by Lu Cheng (Erl Tung-shen), who actually also loves Ling Er. Lu Cheng helps the couple to get rid of the pursuers. However, Wai Kai decides that he won't run anymore and makes a plan to expose Eunuch Sheng's secret agreement with the Tibetan princess to usurp the throne. Unfortunately he doesn't tell Ling Erl about his plan, so when he leaves her to seduce the princess, Ling Erl thinks he has betrayed her, so she seeks revenge by trying to kill him.

I'm happy to know this movie has English subtitles!
Compared to the Night Orchid, Be Careful Sweetheart has more comprehensible plots [the first 15 minutes of the Night Orchid is hard to understand unless you have read the book]. Ling Er's two lovers, Wai Kai and Lu Cheng have opposite character traits. Wai Kai is full of humour, headstrong, animated; while Lu Cheng is quiet, sincere and reserved.

I like very much Wai Kai's grey costume
The costumes were great. Cheng Shao-chiu in real life was skinny (he still is), but in ancient costumes he looked very dashing. He looked more handsome in ancient costumes than in modern suits. I wonder how many layers of clothes he wore if he was playing a swordsman.

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